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The purpose of the perfect love of God towards men and women is to touch them in their deepest part and in their response, for God to receive back the same perfect love.

LOVE ENTHRONED by Daniel Steele

"...the writer confesses that he now preaches that part of the gospel which he once destroyed."

Having been a firm believer in a gradual unfolding and gradual growth in the spiritual life, Daniel Steele was a sharp critic of those who professed otherwise. As an authority on the Greek New Testament, he had no time for the teaching of men like John Wesley who recognized and taught the blessing of the fullness of Christ as a sharply defined transition in the Christian experience, an experience defined as an instantaneous work of the Holy Spirit entered into by faith alone.

The controversay continues, yet the arguments of this scholar clearly, quietly, confidentely cut through to the heart of the matter; what are the provisions in the atonement of Jesus Christ for the believer today?

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