by Ernest O'Neill

In the film "Chariots of Fire", Eric Liddell, the Scotsman who refused to run on Sunday in the Olympic Games many years ago described why he ran at all. He said, you may remember, "I feel the pleasure of God when I run". Do you feel that in your work?

If you don't, stop wasting your life! It goes too quickly - start right now and let God do the work through you - that's why he made you - that's why he gave you the work. It wasn't so that you could eat or buy clothes or be fulfilled. He gave you the work so that His Son could develop the world through you by cleaning the floors or painting woodwork or computing figures or serving customers. He wants to enjoy himself in you - to touch His world through your hands. He wants you to feel the pleasure he feels as He makes the world reflect some of His own beauty and order.

The days will soon be gone. Your company will soon cease to exist. The materials you use will soon crumble into dust. Another moment - and none of it will exist any more. So - enjoy it - now - feel the pleasure of God in your work. Step aside and let Him live instead of you. This is the only purpose your work has!

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