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Covenant: Old fashioned word or present day necessity?

This article gives you a taste of some of the unusual books available through CCI.

The Two Covenants by Andrew Murray

Covenant, an important word in scripture, is certainly out of fashion today. Is it still relevant?

By examining and contrasting the two covenants of the Old and New Testament, Andrew Murray seeks to "show what exactly the blessings are that God has covenanted to bestow on us; what the assurance is the Covenant gives that they must and can and will be fulfilled."

In these times, when promises seem to count for so little, is it possible that integrity, honesty, and a Covenant keeping God do exist and that He waits to richly fulfil His promises for each one of us?

Andrew Murray, with quiet confidence shares why he, without hesitation, says "yes". You can read this book on-line now!

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