Wired for God

Part 2

by Martha Nelson

Last month we learned how scientists now cannot deny the fact that we human beings have somehow been "wired for God." Deep inside each of us is a need to know and be known by a Superior Being. Many of us seek to contact this Superior Being through prayer.

Made in His Image

Further evidence that we have been indeed wired for God can be seen in the book of Genesis. We read there that in the beginning God created every animal and plant on the earth, and lastly created men and women. How? "In his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female." (Gen. 1:27) Why did God create us in his image and make us different from animals? To answer this question, let's look at the differences we see between our own relationships with animals versus other people.

Our Animal "Friends"

If you think about it, however close you may feel to your dog, you can't have a relationship with it the way you can with a person. You can talk to it about problems you face or the career change you're considering, but how do you know it really understands what you're saying and feeling? You may feel a little better afterwards, but an animal can't truly understand your feelings, nor give you advice on what to do. It also seems unable to appreciate many things we humans relate to_things such as art, music and psychology. To have that kind of mutual understanding, you need to go to another person.

Our Best Friends

Now think about your closest friend. What is it that makes him or her fun to be with? Perhaps you share some common interests like poetry, history or sport. You also feel you can talk to this person about anything; they are able and willing to share your joys and sorrows. You make promises to each other and remember whether or not they're kept. It seems that people have emotions and intellect that animals don't. Because we have the same personality structure, we can understand each other and communicate with each other in a unique way.

God made us in his own image so that we would be equipped with the same emotions and mind that He has_albeit on a much smaller scale. He did this so that the world would be populated with individuals capable of being His friends_IF they wanted to. The precious thing about your dearest friendships with family and friends is that we give that love voluntarily_not out of fear or compulsion. And that is the kind of choice God wanted to make possible for each of us.

In the Bible we read that Abraham was called "the friend of God."1 Jesus came to earth as God's Son, to show us what God is really like. He said, "No longer do I call you servants,... but...friends. " (John 15:15) In fact, the Bible is one of the few religious classics that suggests there is a personal God who can be known the way we know another person.

To be a friend of God! Is it really possible? Let's talk more about this next month.

1. James 2:23b; 2 Chron. 20:7; Isaiah 41:8

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