Diary of a Business Woman

Who Do I Present?

by Joanne Leitschuh

This morning I was speaking on the phone with a buyer from a prestigious pen company. He was enquiring about getting a special badge produced for an important event. During the conversation, I was very aware of my tone of voice, my choice of words and whether the discussion would result in a satisfactory conclusion for both of us.

That was just one example of different conversations where after hanging up the phone I asked myself, "How did I come across?" Lately, I have had to speak with certain executives who have tested my knowledge of the jewellery business_Did I sound professional enough? Did I present our company in a good light? Could I have said something else that would have enhanced our relationship?

Whether I am speaking to a customer that I have known for ten years, a sales representative, a shop owner who is having financial difficulties, or even one of my close colleagues, what, when and how I say things could cause various effects. Because I do not actually see people face to face, what I wish to translate needs to come completely through my voice. Sometimes I can get nervous or pre-occupied about what I am saying_Have I made myself clear? Did they catch the heart of what I said amidst a few clumsy words? Did I sound competent? Did I express authority? Did I leave a genuine impression of sincerity and concern?

It seems that the more I look in and analyse my performance, the more self-conscious I become. I am daily learning the skills of becoming a professional business woman. I cannot help recalling Paul's declaration in Galatians 2:20, "I am crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me." This is the focus of the point that Harmon Baldwin made in his book entitled, The Indwelling Christ:

"To partake of the nature of Christ is that he shall so permeate our natures that we no longer live our own selfish lives, but he lives his life through us, speaks with our tongues, looks through our eyes, hears with our ears, uses our hands, our feet, our bodies, our very hearts to fulfil his own glorious will."

I look forward to tomorrow when I am next on the phone. It is there where I can trust Jesus for His infinite words of grace. I know I can count on Him to express what He wants to each one that rings the office. What a privilege to be His voice!

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