Financial Freedom

by Myron Kliewer

Each one of us face making financial decisions every day of our lives. We cannot avoid having to pay for the newspaper, the bus ride into work or filling up the car with petrol. Then come the bigger bills, the loan payments we make for the car, the mortgage payments, clearing the monthly credit card expenditures and much more. Many daily decisions are already made for us, before we have a chance to think twice.

Then comes the time each month when we must have enough money to pay our bills. For many of us these can be tense and anxious moments. Moments that prompt us to think more seriously, beyond just the monthly bills. We begin asking ourselves, "Will I ever get out of debt? Will I ever have enough money? How much is enough?" This is when we start to worry, and anxiety brings sleepless nights as our frustrations and fears begins to grow.

Many of us could put our hand on our heart and say, "Yes, I have worked very hard to provide for my family. I don't live in a particularly luxurious neighbourhood and I do not drive a new car. I feel I am a responsible educated person and yet when it comes to my financial matters I have experienced anxiety, worry and sleepless nights. What more can I do?"

There is one more thing that you can do. Stop, and listen to what your heart is telling you. Could it be that you are dealing with something that is "a matter of the heart"? Every time worry starts to trouble your heart, stop and ask yourself, "why am I worrying? What is the true source of my anxiety? Why do I keep asking myself if I will ever have enough money? Or even, how much is enough?" If you will choose to look at our dilemma honestly you will see both sides of the tug of war that is taking place deep inside your heart. One part is saying, "I want to be rid of my worry and anxiety, I want to let go and be as free as the birds." The other part is saying, "I am a responsible person and I want to be in control, I want to know my future so that I can plan and provide for every eventuality."

Finances are a "matter of the heart", they are a true test of our motives. It is not easy for us to understand our problem, and harder yet to admit our dilemma. It is only through countless failures and mismanagement that we are led to see our real problem. Could it be that we are finding it harder to "let go" than to "keep holding on"? Could this be the source of our problem? Deep inside, in our will, we still want to be in control; we are still "holding on". Then come the rare moments when our heart suggests, "true freedom and rest can only be found by first letting go".

Are you ready to let go of all the financial life patterns that you have set in motion? You may not be able to change the habits of a lifetime in five minutes, but you can start making simple steps, one day at a time. If you start by being honest with the simple promptings of your heart, you will soon notice something exciting starting to happen. Soon you will find yourself becoming free, willing to change, and beginning to see a new perspective on life. When we come to this important stage in our life the words of Jesus begin to make sense to us, "Do not be anxious about your life..."1 Why? Because we have Someone who knows everything about us, even before we ask. He knows your needs and mine, He has provided for us before we were born, and He will continue to provide for our every need. He is ready to give us a new start. Think of it, we can start over, trusting the One who can see the beginning and the end. We can put our trust in a personal Creator who wants us to be free men and women.

You and I will continue to face daily financial decisions about our future. Every decision is important, as it will help us decide if we are going to keep trying to control our future, or if we are going to enter into the miracle of freedom from strain and anxiety in our finances. The choice is ours.

1. Matt. 6:25

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