by Ernest O'Neill

"Irony" best describes our present world-situation. Everywhere, the possibility of economic plenty and wealth is plainly seen. China is awakening to the powerful resources of its land and its people. Eastern Europe is grasping at the potential benefits of free human beings using their personal initiative. Africa is paralysed as it stands looking at its vast natural and human resources. India has had tantalising foretastes of the advantages of educated technicians.

Yet all of these wonderful possibilities are held in check by one ragged piece of cloth stretched across the road - lawlessness! This is the irony - the mockery - of our present world. Even the young Asian tigers in the Pacific are constantly held back by the corruption and bribery of lawlessness. Both Africa and India lie under the burden of public dishonesty which empties the coffers of the people. Ex-communist countries in Eastern Europe daily observe the advantages of corrupt officials, greedy crooks, and extortionate business-men.

Meanwhile, law - vague and toothless - is unable to provide the one condition needed for a free society and a market economy - the restraint of selfishness. So plainly is the creator setting forth his truth!

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