Chistian claims: true or false?

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Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell

"Is Christianity credible? Is there an intellectual basis for faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God? Scholars throughout the centuries, as well as millions of students and older adults, would answer such questions with a resounding 'Yes'! That is what Evidence that Demands a Verdict is all about." (W.R. Bright)

Are you a sceptic about the credibility of Christianity?

This is where Josh McDowell began: "I set out to refute Christianity. I had biases and prejudices not for Christ but contrary to Him. What I did was investigate the evidence and weigh the pros and cons.

Investigate! How often do we choose instead to rely on how we "feel" about a particular subject, never really applying our minds to it? Investigation takes time, consideration and an open mind willing to look at the facts. Are you interested in beginning to look at some of the facts?

Featured cassettes this month are from a series

of lectures given by Rev. Ernest O'Neill.

AA12 A. Is Jesus God's Son?

B. A New Start

AA12a A. Is There a God?

B. Why Believe the Bible?

JAN97 Evidence That Demands a Verdict

by Josh McDowell £3.00 £4.50

AA12 Is Jesus God's Son? £2.50 $3.75

A New Start

AA12a Is There a God? £2.50 $3.75

Why Believe the Bible?

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