by Ernest O'Neill

Several months ago, Bernard Levin wrote in the London Times about a civil servant who committed suicide in despair at forced "early retirement" from his job. Because of the head-long determination to maintain corporate profits, many of us are facing days without the work that sustained our lives materially and psychologically. It is more important than ever for us to get work into its proper place in our lives.

The truth is that work is just one of the things that our creator gives us to occupy the short time we spend here on earth getting to know him. Anything that is achieved by our work is actually achieved by Him through us. When we think it is due to us, we reject the fact that the results often surprise us as much as their short duration. In fact, most of our work is erased or superseded shortly after we die. The value of it is only that God Himself is able to do something through us.

This transforms "early retirement". The pay is not the point - it's the doing that is the point. Our creator intends to enjoy himself as much in us by the things that we do in "retirement" as he did during our "work-life". To Him (and therefore in reality), there's no difference between our life and its satisfaction now - and our life and its satisfaction when somebody paid us money.

The reality is that you're here to live alongside your creator and to let him live and work inside you!

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