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Christian Business International is an organ of Christian Corps International.
CCI is a federation of international businesses that are at Christ's disposal.
Their primary purpose is His filling the earth and subduing it: this transposes the
power and purpose of work from man (Genesis 3:19) to God (Genesis 1:28)
and radically affects every area of business.

The newsletter links our international business communities to our worldwide
radio listeners and those of us involved in education. If you would like to receive
our newsletter please write to:

In The United Kingdom: Or in the U.S.A: Or in Thailand:
Christian Corps International-UK. Christian Corps International-USA Christian Corps International-Thailand
P.O. Box 167 6512 Six Forks Rd. P.O. Box 256,
Potters Bar Suite 303, Raleigh Chiangmai 50000
Hertfordshire EN6 3ZQ England N.C. 27615 U.S.A. Thailand
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Staff Editor: Ernest O'Neill
Production Editor: Joanne Leitschuh
U.K. Correspondent: Martha Nelson
U.S.A. Correspondent: Lucy Blomfield
Thailand Correspondent: Dan Schafer

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