THE founder of the China Inland Mission was a physician J. Hudson Taylor, a man full of the Holy Ghost and of faith, of entire surrender to God and His call, of great selfdenial, heartfelt compassion, rare power in prayer, marvellous organising faculty, energetic initiative, indefatigable perseverance, and of astonishing influence with men, and withal of childlike humility."


" Surely never was man better fitted for his work than he for the difficult undertaking of founding and conducting a great interdenominational and international mission in million-peopled China. The China Inland Mission was conceived in his soul, and every stage of its advance sprung from his personal exertions. In the quiet of his heart, in deep unutterable communings with God, the mission had its origin, and it remains his memorial. On that noble monument, not of perishable marble, and in characters not of man's inditing, his name is written. - His dust sleeps now in China. Silence has fallen on the lips which long pleaded China's cause, but the effects of the plea remain in the conversion of thousands called out of heathen darkness into. God's marvellous light, and the existence of a mission whose present influence and future growth are beyond our powers b estimate. To God be all the glory.

The missionary spirit is the spirit of Jesus, the spirit of the Incarnation and the Cross. , Not then to the instrument

of the Master, however dear, however noble, but to the Master Himself be all the praise, Who lives to carry on by His own unfailing resources and chosen instrumentalities His work of the redemption of a fallen world, to the high and glorious issues of His eternal Kingdom."


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