This little book has been written for the sake of those who want to know how to read the Bible with enjoyment and profit.

The Bible is an authentic revelation of the will of God to men. The revelation is at once divinely originated, providentially preserved, and accurately transcribed. It is based upon divinely authenticated facts. It embodies divinely attested truths. It enjoins divinely authoritative precepts.

Holy Scripture is alive with God. It is the documentation of a Divine process in human life. It is not the product of human genius. It is not the achievement of human effort. It in not the result of a series of historical accidents. It is the immediate and the necessary gift of God-immediate because here we meet God face to face, necessary because we are abnormal creatures having no power to discover the way of life for ourselves or to set right that which is wrong in the constitution of our corrupt and fallen nature.

An immovable conviction of the truth of the Word is awakened and guaranteed by the quickening testimony of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the reader.

The Bible is the living Word of the living God. The Holy Spirit lives in it, works through it, and speaks directly to the heart of those who read and ponder it. Hence it possesses and exerts a power which belongs to no other book. It convinces us of sin. It opens our eyes to the greatness of sin. It produces in us godly sorrow for sin. It awakens repentance. It engenders faith. It leads to decision. It imparts to us a new nature. It kindles within us the fire of a holy love. It reveals to us the beauty of a holy life. It cleanses us from sin. It promotes growth. It transmits power. It fills us with a spirit of tranquil peace and holy joy.

There are seven methods of Bible Study. They are explained in the following pages. They all lead to the understanding and the enjoyment of the Word. They authenticate its truth. They facilitate the mastery of its content. They enable us to wield it as the sword of the Spirit. They reveal the wonder and the glory of the Word. They lead to its enthronement in the heart and conscience of those who receive it. They establish a triumphant defence of its claim to be an exact, an exhaustive, and an everlasting expression of the mind and will of God to men.

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